Key Information

As a self-employed person, with SmartCounts you can:

–          Save money on book keeping and accounting services
–          Save your valuable time
–          Reduce stress
–          Run your business smarter

Whether freelancing or working as self-employed in any other capacity, managing your books and thereafter your tax calculation can be an onerous process.  Commonly this fills people with dread and instils fear and anxiety of falling behind or simply not knowing how to process all the information and paperwork.  Even worse is the pending prospect of a tax return deadline.

Working with SmartCounts can take the pain out of all these processes.  Our cloud software, which you can check and share on-the-move through all your devices, provides all the bookkeeping requirements you need to help you keep on top of your numbers, manage your expenses, cash flow and VAT returns.

With SmartCounts you are always up to date, there is no need to re-key receipts when bank transactions automatically flow into Xero every morning. Just click OK and walk away. Indeed, one of the most popular features is how financial data and documents can be stored in the cloud. Instead of transferring datafiles, you just login to see the same set of data.

One of the most common problems freelancers and small businesses fall into is looking at their bank balance and thinking it represents the money available to pay their bills.  SmartCounts software helps you see the liabilities coming up.

Having that to-hand cash flow forecast gives you complete insight and preparedness to make the best decisions for your business and to reduce future problems and difficulties.

Getting Started

There’s no need to import all your old data. You can quickly import key data from your old accounting software and spreadsheets, or simply start fresh.

5 Ways To Make Your Bookkeeping Run Smoother and Smarter

  • Use bookkeeping software that connects to your bank account and automatically organises your transactions.
  • Do a bank reconciliation as often as possible, to see your cash flow in real-time.
  • Give your bookkeeper and accountant a login, so they can give professional advice sooner rather later.
  • Use online invoicing for quicker and easier payments.
  • Connect your business systems to your bookkeeping software so all your data is accurate and up-to-date.

Spurling Cannon are an established firm of Chartered Certified Accountants based in Ramsgate, Kent. Offering all the traditional services you would expect, we also offer bespoke packages embracing our experience and technology to enable our clients to concentrate on growing their business.

Cloud accounting is developing rapidly and is changing the way accountants work with their clients, we welcome this change as it allows business owners to do what they do best and us, as professionally trained accountants to do what we do best and help our clients maximize their profits and wealth.

Our SmartCounts service allows us to provide our clients with a fantastic accountancy service. Reviewing and analyzing your business in real time enables you to make informed decisions and us to provide fantastic business advice and planning opportunities.

So if you require help with your self-assessment tax return, detailed and complex tax planning advice, accounts preparation or an Audit, we can help. Please contact us for more information of have a look around our website for further details of all the services we offer.

SmartCounts is more than just an online service, by choosing SmartCounts you are choosing expert advice from professionally trained and experienced accountants and business advisors.

Self Employed

Whether freelancing or working as self-employed in any other capacity, managing your books and thereafter your tax calculation can be an onerous process.

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